Getting a Job.

When it comes to getting your first job after a criminal conviction, the key is to "think small to go big!" The most critical thing is to land your first job, any job, as quickly as possible. Generally speaking, we recommend trying with smaller employers for your first employment opportunity as they tend to have less rigid hiring requirements and less strenuous "background" checks. From there, you'll have the opportunity to trade up into more desirable positions as you're able to create more separation between your professional experience and previous legal difficulties.

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Tips for Success.

It's important to treat your job search as a job. Being organized is very important, keep a list of companies you plan on applying to and research these companies. Keep record of where you applied and interviewed along with the name of the person you spoke with. Make sure your resume is simple and effective, dress for the job your are applying for, be confident and most important, stick with it.

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Top Jobs.


Overview: Driving jobs offer flexibility and freedom with limited technical requirements. If you enjoy solitude and good music, a job in driving could be for you.

Examples: Commercial Truck Driver, Package or Food Delivery, Taxi, Uber, Lyft, or Towing

Hourly Pay Range: $12.00 - $35.00
Requirements: Ranges from High School Diploma to a CDL (commercial drivers license) depending on job.


Trade Labor.

Overview: Put your trade skills to use. Many trades require a certification, but there are a large number that offer on the job training. Trade labor jobs are in demand and often hire felons, and tend to offer good job security.

Examples: Plumber, Carpenter, Electrician, Welder, HVAC Tech, Energy Operator / Technician, Auto Mechanic, Construction Labrorer, Locksmith, Glass Installer & Repair

Hourly Pay Range: $12.00 - $75.00
Requirements: Certifications / Associate Degree / On the Job Training



Overview: Technology jobs are in high demand and very obtainable with the right skill set. If you're technologically inclined and enjoy continuing education, a tech career may be for you.

Examples: Software Developer, Network Administrator, Auto CAD Designer, App Developer, Graphic Designer, Visual Editor

Hourly Pay Range: $14.00 - $100.00+
Requirements: Ranges from High School Diploma / GED to Graduate Education and Professional Certifications



Overview: Work outside and stay in touch with nature by getting a job in the agricultural field. This is a great option for food lovers, outdoor lovers, and naturalists.

Examples: Farming Production, Farm Manager, Arborist, Agricultural Engineer

Hourly Pay Range: $9.00 - $55.00
Requirements: Ranges from none to a Bachelors Degree


Food Service & Retail.

Overview: This can be a great place to get started, and put distance between legal difficulties. Particularly if you're looking for a job quickly.

Examples: Bartender, Cook, Waiter, Customer Service Rep, Shipping & Receiving Clerk, Shelf Stocker, Cashier, Janitor

Hourly Pay Range: $7.50 - $18.00
Requirements: Generally none to High School Diploma / GED



Overview: Own your own success. Perhaps the best and most immediate path forward is to put yourself to work by leveraging your existing skills to start a small business. This is a great option if your finding yourself blackballed by all employers.

Examples: Writer, Personal Trainer, Barber / Hair Stylist, Tattoo Artist, Substance Abuse Counselor, Dog Walker, Marketer, etc.

Hourly Pay Range: $0.00 - $100.00+
Requirements: Ranges from none to an Advanced Degree; Entrepreneurial Drive Needed


Ban The Box.

A new White House initiative aims to give ex-felons a fairer shake in the job market, and a slew of major corporations are getting on board. The initiative is called the Fair Chance Business Pledge, the initiative counts Facebook, Starbucks, American Airlines and many others among its signees.

Companies that sign the pledge commit to help level the playing field by “banning the box”—specifically referring to the check box on job applications that asks whether the applicant has been convicted of a felony— and agreeing to hold any questions about an applicant’s criminal record until they’re further along in the hiring process. Many of the employers getting behind the initiative are going a step further. Google hopes it can get other tech companies interested in banning the box, while PepsiCo will work with community advocacy groups to provide job trainings for formerly incarcerated job seekers. Uber is even realigning its screening process so applicants with minor, nonviolent convictions get a fair shake—and will refer the applicants it passes on to a mentorship and job placement program.

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