Making A Great Impression.

First impressions matter a lot! Many stereotypes exist, and as someone with a criminal background, you are likely to face perceptions from employers that don’t apply to you. By following the tips below, you can ensure you make a great and lasting first impression on employers. From looking the part, to feeling the part, we've got you covered!

Top 5 Tips.

Build A Strong Resume.

Your resume is the first impression an employer will have of you and is huge opportunity to make a great impression. The important point here is to communicate and showcase relevant experience to prospective employers. If previous work experience is lacking, volunteering is a great way to improve your work experience.

We have you covered with a great resume template:


Dress to Impress.

For better or for worse, appearances matter. Start dressing as if you are already successful and maintaining that look every time you go out. This can go a long way to counteracting and overcoming stereotypes that may exist against you. When in doubt, choose clothing styles that are classic and conservative. Part of becoming successful is feeling successful. And it is hard to feel successful without looking successful.

So invest some thought in this important step. The beauty is it doesn't have to be expensive. We have you covered with some exclusive discounts on high quality work attire:


Get A Fresh Haircut.

Once you've landed an interview, a fresh haircut is a simple way to look and feel revitalized and ready to take on the world. Even a minor change in appearance can give a major psychological boost. It is also an easy way to help prospective employers perceive you as more organized and professional. Similar to picking out your attire, when in doubt a classic and conservative style is recommended.

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Upgrade Your Skills.

Your skills are your most valuable asset. Make sure you're keeping current on relevant certifications or educational requirements for the job you want. In today's world, many opportunities exist online to invest and strengthen your skills.

We have you covered with our education/certifications guide to make sure you're credentials are competitive:


Mentally Prepare.

Persistence is the most important ingredient in getting a job. Some employers won’t give you the time of day no matter what you do. It is hard not to get discouraged. However, getting discouraged can do nothing to help you land a job.

Don’t worry about hearing “no." In fact, embrace it. It only takes one “yes.” Remember, this is just a numbers game! Keep your head up and always be moving forward. Eventually, you’ll get an opportunity. An when you do, take it and don’t look back!



Search Available Jobs.

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