Importance of Education.

Education is a crucial aspect to successful re-entry. Having an education opens doors to employment and self fulfillment while dramatically reducing recidivism rates.

At Unfelon, we connect those leaving prison with education programs. We assist in placing qualified candidates into GED programs, vocational training, associates and bachelors degrees with proven track records of greatly reducing recidivism and enriching lives.

5 Year success rate

Impact of Education

Vocational Training

5 year success rate

Associates Degree

5 year success rate

Access Exclusive Educational Resources!

Education – Worth Every Penny.

  • Invest In Yourself

    A college graduate will earn nearly $1 million more over their lifetime than somebody with a high school diploma.

  • Learn More to Earn More

    On average, a bachelors degree will allow you to earn up to 56% more per year than those with a high school diploma or GED and 31% more than those with an associate degree.

  • Grow Yourself

    Getting an education will not only improve your knowledge and earning power, it allows you to build a network and develop valuble skills like time management and organization.

Average Lifetime Earnings

Paying for School.

Pell Grants & Financial Aid.

A felony conviction does not eliminate the possibility of student loans or financial aid. Apply today and start your journey to success.



Scholarships and grants are a great resource for funding your education and should be utilized in strenuous situations like yours.


Open the Door to Oportunity.

Education, from a welding certification to a masters degree in finance, will open a world of opportunity. Find the program thats right for you and begin your journey to a successful future. Click the link below to learn about educational requirements for jobs that interest you!

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