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What if I told you there were over 6 million people convicted of felonies in the U.S.? How would you feel if you knew over 50% of these offenses were non-violent crimes with a huge percentage consisting of drug offenses? Would you think it just or reasonable to sentence these people to a life of exile after there time has been served? Or would you support helping them get back on their feet?

Think long and hard about these questions. As you do, realize these are people just like everyone else - husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children, and siblings - and they have a tremendous amount to offer to the world. Today, we have over 20 billion hours of wasted potential every year from unnecessarily ostracizing these people from a dignified existence and the pursuit of happiness.

We were founded on one simple belief - criminal punishment should begin and end with time served. We believe lifelong disenfranchisement is neither just nor acceptable. The suffering of the millions must end! Once time has been served, people should be able to regain their dignity and gracefully re-enter society.

Our mission is to make that happen!

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Getting a job.

Persistence is the most important ingredient in getting a job. Some employers won’t give you the time of day no matter what you do. Just remember, it only takes one"yes!"

One of our major goals at Unfelon is to connect those who have served their time with those who are willing to hire them. We'll help prepare you to get some of the best transitional jobs available.

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Technical Careers include but are definitely not limited to: Mobile App Developer, Computer Network Support Specialist, Web Designer or Developer, Auto CAD / Designer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor. These careers usually required a certification or higher education degree. The pay is very competitive and the environment is usually relaxed.
Skilled trades are in high demand and are an excellent option for felons trying to find a career. With a trade skill you can find work almost anywhere you go and offer great pay with the option of starting your own company.
Driving careers offer freedom and flexibility along with the opportunity to regularly travel. Pay can be extremely competative as well. for example, the average truck driver brings home around $800 a month.
Some Farming and agricultural jobs have no educational requirements making it a great option for someone who needs a paycheck quickly. Farming can be an extremely rewarding career and oportunities are abundant for felons.
Food Service and Retail jobs often require very little to no experience or education. These jobs can range from light part time (15-20 hrs a week) to full time with overtime. There are opportunities for top performers to advance to manager positions.
One of the best opportunities after a criminal conviction is to put yourself to work. Leverage your existing skills to start a small business, particularly if you’re finding yourself blackballed by employers.


Finding stable housing with a felony conviction can be challenging! We've assembled helpful resources and information below to simplify the process.

We are working closely with partners to develop housing for those in need within the first 72 hours of release.

Check out our housing page to see how you can contribute to this cause!
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Education – the foundation of your success.

The good thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you! Education is the cornerstone of achievement. From Macolm X to Nelson Mandela, education has been well recognized as the bedrock on the path to liberation.

We are working closely with educational institutions of all levels to provide opportunities to those exiting prison and jail.

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9 Steps to Success.

We have developed a simple, yet incredibly powerful, process to set you on the path to success after prison.

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